Sandblasted Wood Signs in Cedar and Urethane Foam


    Often called monument signs they identify and can enhance the entrances of developments and subdivisions. They are typically six to eight feet wide and installed nearer the ground than commercial signs of similar size. Sitting nestled in a landscaped surround, a well designed and attractive sandblasted sign is an aesthetically pleasing addition to an entryway.

    We've added a sampling some entryway signs to pique your interest and give you ideas for your own entryway project.  Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the image.

sherwood forest.jpg (22550 bytes)This is one of the first entryway signs we ever manufactured. Still in use today, it is well over 20 years old and has been refinished only one time due to the fact that it's exposure is to the north. A frequently asked question is "how long will my sign last?" Good question. Depending on color choices and exposure, the finish will last anywhere from 5 to 7 years to as much as 15 years. It's not uncommon to see a double sided sign with north/south exposure having a near perfect north face and a south face needing refinishing. The cedar sign itself will last indefinitely as the cedar is inherently rot resistant.  See our FAQ page for more on this subject.cedar lake BCG.jpg (38276 bytes)

      This Bible Conference Grounds sign serves a dual purpose. An entrance identifier as well as an advertisement for the Conference Grounds.  This sign blends nicely with its installation surroundings and is a nice complement to the facility. As you will see in all the signs show here and in most pages, attention is given to the installation and installation design as well as the sign itself. An attractive, landscaped installation is the best way to enhance the effectiveness of your display.  Let our experts assist you with your project.

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