Sandblasted Wood Signs in Cedar and Urethane Foam

      A custom wooden sign, whether sandblasted wood, carved,  routed or sandblasted urethane foam, the results  can make  an architectural, monument or ground sign simply eye catching. Wooden signs, with the warmth and beauty of a WoodMaster Graphics' cedar dimensional sign is clearly an asset to any identification project.  Our purpose here is to show you what can be done with sandblasted  wooden and urethane signs and to give you a glimpse of what we've done with wood and foam signs in the past. We hope you enjoy the simple straight forward presentation of information and photos. We've also included several ways to reach us if you're interested in learning more about our wooden signs and custom design services.

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     If you're a reader, we've tried to tell the complete story of sandblasted sign design and manufacture from the point of view of a company that has made literally thousands and thousands of sandblasted wood signs, large and small. Most of the signs shown through out this website are large displays, but there are a few smaller signs shown as well.  Whatever your sign needs or sign project - large or small, WoodMaster Graphics is ready to help you turn your sign plans into a reality. It's easier than you go ahead and read on or click away.

    Our FAQ page has answers to the questions we hear everyday. If you have one or two that we've overlooked, email, fax or phone and we'll give you a prompt reply to your question. You can contact us at any time by going to the Contact Us page or calling us at the number listed below. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday. 

     If you are more of a visual person, we've tried to accommodate you as well. There many photos of actual finished signs for you to look at.  If we've missed something that you think should be shown here or that a page needs to be added, contact the website gurus at and give them your input. They'll appreciate it and so will we. 

    A couple of other things that we'd like to touch on briefly. One, sandblasted does not mean rustic. They can be rustic, but that is more a product of design than medium. The second thing is delamination. Large wooden signs are made up of several boards edge glued together and then finish surfaced and sanded to appear to be one huge slab of wood. Poorly constructed wood signs or signs laminated with improper glues can delaminate when exposed to the elements. Let me make this perfectly clear. No wood sign sign should ever delaminate. The epoxy glue that  WoodMaster Graphics uses is a product of the marine industry and is used to laminate boat hulls. Hulls that spend most of their life submerged under water. If the glue can withstand that kind of exposure, it should be and is a simple matter to construct a wood sign that will never delaminate. The problem is that this epoxy glue material is very expensive. That fact, and in some instances, ignorance, is why signs sometimes delaminate.  This is called glue joint failure, and at WoodMaster Graphics, we never, I repeat never have glue joint failures. Period. 

    We warrant all signs to be free of defects in workmanship and labor for a period of one year after manufacture as long as the sign was properly installed. WoodMaster Graphics will at it's option repair or replace any sign found to be defect in materials or workmanship. This is so rare that it barely warrants discussion, but it needs to be addressed.  See our FAQ page for proper installation details and further warranty information. 

    So, take a look around our website and learn more about the products and services offered by WoodMaster Graphics. We hope to hear from you very soon.  Thanks for your time.

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